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The Trackless Train is a gasoline powered locomotive equipped with brakes, pulling a maximum of eight “railroad cars”, and is not to exceed a maximum speed of 5 mph. The driver must hold a permanent driver’s license and be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. A headlight is included on the engine for added visibility and all cars have welded safety chains between them with safety locks. Each car is a heavy-duty plastic barrel, carries one or two small children (weight limit to not exceed 125 lbs per car and height under 5'), and has smooth and rounded edges for comfort and safety. Each car is equipped with padded seats and seatbelts, with a steering wheel for entertainment. There is a six-foot pole included on each car, which hold streamers that runs across the entire length of the train for added visibility and colorful appearance. “Slow” signs and safety cones are supplied during each function to ensure safety for the children. CMC Express ‘n More, LLC, is covered with full liability coverage. Timothy is registered and licensed with the Pennsylvania State Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Amusement Rides and Attractions.  It meets all A.S.T.M. Safety Standards.  Timothy is fully insured and comes with a state certified ride inspector. 

Additional Safety Regulations

  • No children under 1 year of age are permitted to ride.  Children must be able to hold themselves firmly upright in a sitting position.
  • Passengers are instructed to keep hands and feet inside the car at all times while riding.
  • No fighting, rough housing, or kicking is permitted at any time while aboard the CMC Express.
  • Food and/or drinks are not permitted on the train.
  • Children are never permitted to operate the equipment.
  • CMC Express is operated in daylight only, or with adequate artificial light.
  • The Engine is never backed up with the cars connected.
  • A safety equipment check is continually implemented to insure the safety of the children.


Each inflatable is registered and licensed with the Pennsylvania State Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Amusement Rides and Attractions.  It meets all A.S.T.M safety standards.  Each inflatable is fully insured and includes a state certified ride operator. 

Additional Safety Regulations

  • The inflatables are perfect for entertaining most guests ages 3 and over.
  • Power requirements are a separate 110 volt 20 amp circuit.
  • Each inflatable is 15’L x 15’W x 15’H.
  • No Shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry, or other sharp objects.
  • No somersaults, diving, wrestling, rough play or flips.
  • No foods, drinks, gum, pets, or silly string.
  • Do not jump onto or off of the inflatable.
  • Keep patrons away from the blower at all times.
  • DO NOT USE and immediately deflate the inflatable if wind conditions exceed 15 mph and/or it rains.
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